Industrial Packing

Industrial packing refers to the specialized packaging solutions designed to meet the unique requirements of industrial products and equipment. Unlike conventional packaging methods, industrial packing focuses on providing robust protection, secure containment, and efficient handling for large, heavy, or delicate items commonly found in industrial settings. 

These may include machinery parts, equipment components, industrial tools, and other industrial goods. Industrial packing often utilizes durable materials such as wood, metal, or reinforced cardboard, along with cushioning and bracing techniques to safeguard items against damage during storage, transportation, and handling. The primary goal of industrial packing is to ensure the safe and secure delivery of industrial products while minimizing the risk of loss, breakage, or mishandling.Industrial packing encompasses a diverse range of specialized solutions tailored to the unique needs of industrial products and equipment. At Modern Age Shipping, we offer a comprehensive suite of industrial packing services to ensure the safe and secure transportation and storage of your valuable assets.

What We Offers

Shrink Wrapping/Heat Shrink Wrapping

Our shrink wrapping services provide a protective barrier against moisture, dust, and UV rays, ensuring the integrity and preservation of your goods during transit and storage

Lashing and Securing

We utilize lashing and securing techniques to immobilize and stabilize heavy or oversized items, preventing shifting or damage during transportation.

Wooden Boxes, Wooden Pallets, and Crates

Our custom-built wooden boxes, pallets, and crates provide sturdy containment and support for fragile or bulky items, offering superior protection and ease of handling.

Corrugated Box Packing

Corrugated boxes offer lightweight yet durable packaging solutions suitable for a wide range of industrial products, providing cushioning and protection against impact and vibration.

Honeycomb Packing

Honeycomb structures provide exceptional strength and rigidity, making them ideal for packaging delicate or high-value items that require extra protection.

Cross Stuffing

Our cross stuffing services involve transferring cargo directly from one mode of transportation to another, streamlining the logistics process and reducing handling time and costs.

Anti-Corrosive Packing

We employ anti-corrosive packing materials and techniques to safeguard metal components and equipment from rust and corrosion, particularly during long-distance transportation or storage in harsh environments.

Customized Packing Solutions

Our team of experts collaborates closely with clients to develop tailored packing solutions that meet specific requirements and address unique challenges, ensuring optimal protection and efficiency throughout the supply chain.


From shrink wrapping and lashing to customized packing solutions, Modern Age Shipping offers comprehensive industrial packing services designed to safeguard your valuable assets and enhance the efficiency of your logistics operations. Trust us to deliver reliable packing solutions that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.




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